Fuck Practicality / Stay Proper

Well, the original sticker plan has not panned out as expected yet. So a backup plan has been put into motion. Here is what they look like:

This one being in the back window of a 240SX coupe.

Every time I mention lowering a vehicle, or modifying an ‘Import’ to friends the first thing that I hear is, “Why? That’s not practical.” And it’s irritating! I don’t care if it’s practical, it’s what I want! So this sticker is for every time I hear those words, to tell people that I don’t care. If you like your cars low, your stance flush or both, support the cause!

Sticker comes originally as a 2′ long, single line. (The one above has been cut into two individual lines).

Sticker comes in Chrome (pictured), Kaleidoscope (which is a colorful chrome pattern, try to get a photo up this weekend), and an assortment of other colors. Custom sizes can also be done. Send me an e-mail at if you’re interested in purchasing one and rocking it on your vehicle.


~ by Grace of Function on April 4, 2011.

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