Physical Read: Marvel Digest #3, Thor

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This is the third installment of the relatively new Marvel Comics Digest and also the third one that I’ve purchased, (I also have issues five and six with six being the most recent), and finished reading last night.

These are fun reads, usually throwing in a couple story arcs as well as standalone issues, all in a very tidy, handheld book. These don’t *usually* have any origin stories or first issues but don’t lack any interesting subject matter either. A high point in this for me was learning about Mangog and the story arc that focused around this seemingly impossible, (but always knowing otherwise), to kill villain.

Pace yourself and you have a couple evenings of good comic story telling; fly through it and you still have fun, if a little information overload. One of the biggest upsides, to me, is that you don’t get to pick and choose what you’re reading, you know it all has to do with Thor, (in this issue), but you get to read some stories that you might not have ever picked up or heard of, and for all of $6.99.

Recommendation: Five stars.

I can’t wait for issue seven which releases on June 20th, featuring Ant-Man and the Wasp!


Because We All Wondered …

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Article: What Do Kids Do On Private Jets?
Publisher: Adrien Glover (

Why I read this article: This one was pretty random, and that happens a lot with me. It seemed interesting and I used to work on airplanes and they’ve always been a passion of mine. It’s interesting to read about other peoples frivolous expenditures.

My thoughts: Good, short read. Nothing to be particularly interested in unless you’re a millionaire and have money to throw away. Just a good read on something useless.

Reset Your Routers … Or Don’t

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Article: FBI to America: Reboot Your Router, Right Now
Publisher: Joe Pappalardo (Popular Mechanics)

Why I read this article: Apparently it’s not too often that this bureau releases public service announcements. I also like my internet snoop free so it was worth taking a look at.

My thoughts: Not worth reading unless you’re a home office type or own a small business. The article was short and uninteresting; you’d have to really be into the smaller sectors of our government and find tech stuff interesting to read this short piece. The gist: Reset your router to be kinda’ safe, reset it to factory settings to be safer and change passwords.

Woody Harrelson, Rogue Number One

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Article: Woody Harrelson, Rogue Number One
Publisher: Alex Williams (New York Times)

Why I read this article: Because Star Wars. Woody is a good actor but I haven’t been much of a reader about famous people unless it has to do directly, (or indirectly), with something that I like, i.e. Star Wars.

My thoughts: Alex writes a good article and makes it feel like you’re sitting there with them, hearing Woody talk in his distinct drawl. Not much in relation to Star Wars but kept me interested enough throughout to finish it.

Something Different

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Out with the old and in with the new, something everyone does many times in their life. Ditch the old car, cell phone, job, clothing style, even habits and ways of life. Start over, make new again, rejuvenate. This is like that, just different.

You hang around with the same people(person) long enough and you start to take more interest in the things that you have in common; you don’t lose interest in the other things that you enjoy, you just don’t do them as much and pay less attention to them: sports, airplanes, video games, science, politics, beauty, clothing, whatever it is that you enjoyed before, more focus is turned onto the things that you do with your friends. It’s not a bad thing, and I’m sure there’s a term for it but it’s what most of us tend to do. And then when we don’t hang out with them as much or lose touch or are involuntarily enticed back into something that we used to love doing or paying attention to before, we ask ourselves why we left it in the first place … at least that’s what I do.

So here we are. This blog is going to be my ‘keep up with the things I like’ blog. I’ll dump photos, articles, posts, and any other random things that I find interesting onto here. This is going to be my way of keeping up and telling other people about what I like. Nothing over the top or glorified, just me.

Don’t worry, it only makes partial sense to me too.

(This will probably be edited some in the future. Probably.)