Random (cell phone) Snap

•April 5, 2011 • 2 Comments

Cohort in California found this Corolla Wagon all done up nice. I’ll let him fill in the details on what all has been done to it. We might see a feature on it in the future too.



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Fuck Practicality / Stay Proper

Well, the original sticker plan has not panned out as expected yet. So a backup plan has been put into motion. Here is what they look like:

This one being in the back window of a 240SX coupe.

Every time I mention lowering a vehicle, or modifying an ‘Import’ to friends the first thing that I hear is, “Why? That’s not practical.” And it’s irritating! I don’t care if it’s practical, it’s what I want! So this sticker is for every time I hear those words, to tell people that I don’t care. If you like your cars low, your stance flush or both, support the cause!

Sticker comes originally as a 2′ long, single line. (The one above has been cut into two individual lines).

Sticker comes in Chrome (pictured), Kaleidoscope (which is a colorful chrome pattern, try to get a photo up this weekend), and an assortment of other colors. Custom sizes can also be done. Send me an e-mail at StayProper@live.com if you’re interested in purchasing one and rocking it on your vehicle.

NWN Annual Golden Gardens Meet 2011

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Another one come and gone; and each year it just keeps getting bigger and, (for the most part), better. There is always an asshat or two who firmly believe that their part in life is to rev their engines to 500,000 RPM and never park … or leave.

But I digress. So, here are some photos from the event. To see all the photos that I took just click on the Flickr photos to the right.

It will take a day or two more to get them all up. Enjoy.

Is it coming to an end yet?

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Alright, it seems as if this whole winter wonderland crap is on it’s way out. Snow is turning to rain and the temp is sitting around the mid forties. (Let’s hope this isn’t a jinx).

Hopefully we can coax some people out of their garages with their nice cars so the photos can continue. Golden Gardens, the Annual Northwest Nissan’s / Seattle meet is on the 27th of this month and we will be attending rain or shine and coming back with plenty of photos.

Other than that, not much to report on. Now, if only I could get my cohort in California to do something…

Stickers Ver.1

•January 31, 2011 • 2 Comments

Stay Proper stickers are in the works and the first few I’m hoping to have done by the end of the week, if not sooner.

Hopefully this will get word spread a little about us and we can get people familiar with the name. These will be going up for sale also, so when the final design is done I’ll post pics and prices for anyone interested.


Got the stickers, not what I was expecting. I am currently trying to find elsewhere to do these up for me as I am not happy with the outcome from this place. He does good die cut stickers, but not these. So, if anyone knows of a good sticker shop, LET ME KNOW!

I’ll still post photos so people know what they’ll kinda look like.

Roberts Honda Civic VX

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Alright, well, there isn’t much to say. These photo’s came out poor. We met at a parking garage, it was cold and wet and the lighting was horrible. I have no external light sources and have had luck with only one parking garage picture before.

These pictures do NOT do this car justice. It is immaculate. The whole car has been refreshed outside and in; new body panels, new paint new everything. And, for anyone interested, it’s for sale.

Spec sheet:

B16A ordered from Hmotorsonline.com
CTR B16 Transmission w/factory LSD
DC Sport 4-1 Ceramic Header
Skunk2 Pro Series Intake Manifold
AEM Fuel Rail
Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump
Type-R Valve Cover
PasswordJDM CF Spark Plug Cover
PasswordJDM CF Intake
PasswordJDM 3 Point Strut Tower Bar
Short Throw Shifter
Smoothed Bay w/ Wire Tuck

S2000 White
New Body Panels and Restoration
Spoon Style Duckbill w/LED Brake Light
Crystal Headlights
PasswordJDM Smoked Amber Corner Lights
Si Tail Lights
Si Lip

LS Webs
God Speed Coilovers
Blox LCA’s
Beaks Lower Tie Bar
Power Slot front Slotted/Dimpled Rotors

Full Black Interior
GSR Armrest w/ EK Center Console
Del-Sol Red/Black Seats
Rear Seat Delete Kit
PasswordJDM CF Gauge Overlay
GSR Shift Knob

Andrew’s Step-Up S2000

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When this shoot was first planned out, I was expecting to shoot a ’00 Civic Si with a few things done to it. Day before the shoot I’m told the car was sold, awesome; first Saturdays shoots were canceled, now this. Well, my grumbling was quickly subdued when I saw what I was going to be shooting instead.

This may not be the nicest S2000 anyone of you have ever seen but it’s on its way there and the stance is pretty damn good. And trading in a Civic for an S2000 is always a good move in my book.